Friday, 6 March 2009

RSAMD SIE Winners 2009

Cairn String Quartet have won the RSAMD Scottish Institute of Enterprise New Ventures Competition 2009! We have now been put through to the national competition, which invloves 30 hand-picked teams from all over the country competing for a huge cash prize. As part of this stage of the competition, 2 members of every team had to go to the SIE enterprise Academy, held at the Apex International in Edinburgh. This involved an all expenses paid weekend (it's a hard life!) of workshops, networking and meetings to help us with the next stage of the competition, and with our future plans for the business in general. From e-commerce to wheelie bins, to mountain bike engineering to children's books, there really were buisness's there from all corners of the entrepreneuring world, and it really opened our eyes to the huge potential that our buisness has, and that the sky really is the limit. We stepped out of our musical bubble and looked at our company from a completely new angle, and realised that although we have lots more work to do we are doing very well, and felt immensely proud of ourselves for the work we are doing not only for ourselves but for the Scottish Music Industry in general. There was some great feedback from everyone and we took tips from everyone we could!
We'll keep you posted on our progress, fingers crossed for the next stages!

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The Cat said...

Did you bother proof-checking this before you posted it? It's full of spelling mistakes. Have you lot been at the Bacardi Breezers again?

Well done on the award but see me after class for grammar and spelling remedial work!!

The Cat